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Agile in the Family

Views of how to approach and integrate Agile ideas to your Family Unit - and to start a Kanban / Scrum Card Wall for the Family Agile For Kids is a book on treating your family members like members… View »

Agile in Government and Large Organizations

Agile in Government and Large Organizations and How They Are Adapting to their Built-In Constraints Against Agile ( This is a reference sparked from the meeting at DoD Contractor SABRE on May 2 2018… View »

Professional Credits and Certifications and Skills

Professional Credits Some professional accreditation groups recognize extra-curricular activities like AgilePhilly meetings as part of a lifelong pursuit of professional excellence. Continuing educa… View »

DrupalDelphia Conference 2018 Sessions on Friday April 27

The Agile Tracks at the DrupalDelphia Conference on FRIDAY April 27th Tickets are $35 Tickets and other information is at  This conference is the kickoff e… View »

Agile Philly Conference October 2018

Monday October 22, 2018 The Agile Tour is back RSVP on the calendar event page to show your interest . . . For Speakers, submit a Topic Idea to THEME o… View »

Policy Statements

A statement from the Coordinators of AgilePhilly . . . concerning OUR NO HARASSMENT POLICIES and other Policies Nov 22, 2017 In the memo today where CBS fired Charlie Rose, it reiterated "What once… View »

Agile Tour 2017 Details

This Session Grid is printable as a PDF at Click here to Buy your tickets for October 23rd Conference . SLIDE DECKS Mike Dodge Mike.Dodge.Agile Games to Generate Insights… View »

Title: “Finally! A model for evaluating agile performance: The Agile Performance Holarchy” Jeff Dalton   Abstract: Agile executives and leaders in both the public and private sectors have been… View »

Oct 23rd 2017 Conference - List of Speakers and Topics

List of Speakers and Topics For the AgilePhilly October 23rd 2017 All Day Conference   This is part of the International AgileTour  This Year’s Theme . Be Brave . Be Smart . Keep On Keepin… View »



Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Agility

At AgilePhilly, we have been Promoting Agile Ideas since 1776

Meetings are monthly. Get meeting reminders by joining here.  

  • Our events are Free for those who RSVP.  We have Evening Meetings in the Western Suburbs, usually on the Third Tuesday.  They usually begin at 6:30 pm.  A sample agenda would be:
    • 6:30-7:00 pm: Eat & Greet & Network
    • 7:00-8:20 Main Topic/Speaker
    • 8:20-8:30 Q & A , Pack-Up, More Networking
  • When we meet in Center City, our timeline may adjust (there's a $5 evening rate for Parking near the Municipal Services Building, at 15th & Vine):
    • 6-6:30pm: Eat & Greet with members of multiple usergroups
    • 6:30-8:20pm: AgilePhilly meeting (concurrent with other groups' meetings)
    • 8:20-9pm: Networking with everyone
  • Our AgilePhilly events are those with the Liberty Bell Logo.  And center-city-downtown is the logo of Big Buildings - APCD But we often cross-post other User Group events in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and Jersey area. . . PB&J . . . and others, so tell us of your event to list here alongside ours.
  • We are always on the lookout for new ideas and new topics to energize our discussions.


Our attempt with the group is to provide an environment where you can exchange ideas and meet with individuals involved in agile community.

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