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Planning our Meeting Schedule for the year

Ideas for Planning our yearly schedule ( what we are thinking about ) 

 Everyone, We are always looking for topics and speakers and meeting places.

  AND FOR OUR SPEAKERS, here are helpful tips

Especially as we expand into South Jersey and Downtown.

So what can you expect for the coming months ?


Cerner does not need the list of attendees until 5:30 pm Tuesday

Vanguard prefers the list at Noon on Monday

Our standard policy is Noon on Monday to get the list of DEFINITELY YES and MAYBE to the hosting location.  Pizza is ordered on Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon.  Pizza headcount on the YES count usually handles the no-show percentage drop.

Planning the 2020 Meetings - Western Suburbs - Tentative Plans

Nov 2019 - How a Non-Profit Gets Acquired

Dec 2019 - Andre Dhondt - CANNOT MAKE THIS DATE to walk us through the Snowflake Exercise.

This is a great learning tool for a young team to experience various ways that "scrumming" can be done. It is also fun for Advanced Practioners to get re-engaged and to see how simple team exercises can be developed for in-house training.

Jan 2020 - Cprime covers Continuous Discovery Tools

Feb 2020 - Lightning Talks - Agile in Non-IT Areas

John Voris, Joel Chew and others share "Personal Kanban"

and maybe Greg Mester

And borrowing from perhaps the Studio Model is best to describe an Agile Process.


Feb 27th - World Retro Day on Slack Channel

March 2020 -

or Robin Ratliff on Story Level Doneness

It’s an issue that came up in the Q&A quite a bit for her.

April 2020 - OPEN or PhillyETE Tech Conference Pow-wow with Speakers

May 01 2020 - Spring Conference, video broadcast from Downtown

On Monday, may the Fourth be with you.

May 04 2020
for the AgilePhilly Spring Conference 12:30 to 4:30

Tues 05 05 2020 is the Day-Long DEV conference.  No venue yet.

June 2020 - Tiffany Powley

Powerful Questions - a coaching technique to inspire coaching clients to new ways of thinking to solve their own problems.  

 “Powerful Questions” (when used with deep listening) is the most powerful and versatile tool in my coaching toolbox. 
( I use this skill with teams and coaching clients! I use it to gently help friends, or when puzzling something out with my spouse.  A truly powerful and generative question can wake me up, calm me down, refocus me or get my butt into action, depending on what I discover while exploring it.)


Planned 2018 Meetings for Malvern / Western Suburbs      = Everything Tentative =

Meeting locations: CERNER & Vanguard & lesser Frontline & Vertex in K of P. 

Sept 20 - Cancelled

Mon Oct 22 All Day Conference at CERNER

Tues November 13th - Design Thinking with Tiffany Powley - POSTPONED until TBD

Tues November 13th - 4 P’s of Product Mgmt with Anu Smalley at Vanguard

Tues December 18, 2018 – Topic - “ Learning and the ROI on training and coaching on lean/agile practices within a company “ with Tom Stone and Howard Meyers - at Vanguard

Tues January 22, 2019 - Discovery Techniques in KANBAN , with  Bob English . . . at CERNER was at CERNER = a fantastic justification for Defn of Reaady

( Charlie had the signin sheet for me )

Tues Feb 26, 2019 – David Hughes on Metaphorically Speaking: Powerful metaphors for Lean Systems Thinking." at VANGUARD


Tues March 19, 2019 – Workshop Exercise for Definition of Ready ( for Product Owners )

at VANGUARD - speaker - facilitator Bob English

Other Meetings in the Spring

need to contact / invite for Brian Campo Govt & Metrics - and Mona Roccio of SEI Investments


Nick Smith on my list of people.

His topic is Automated Testing of JavaScript


Anu Smalley again ?

( probably at VertexInc in King of Prussia , hmmmmm ? )

TUESDAY APRIL 23-24 is PHILLY ETE DOWNTOWN - DID NOT HAPPEN THIS YEAR  - Format is a Sit Down POW-WOW with Out of Town Speakers & the eating of the Girl Scout Cookies, an annual tradition.

FRIDAY MAY 10 Half Day Conference during PHILLY TECH WEEK ( Our Spring Conference Downtown ) with Live Streaming

Tues June 18 – Open Topic

 July 2019 - out of the blue, Richard Lawrence at PJM on BDD


New Space in Frazer ( near Church Farm School)

offered by Chris McCauley of in Exton

( Pizza probably from Roccos from near the Exton mall 

South Jersey Women in Agile

  ARCS Federal

  TD Bank in Mt Laurel

AgilePrinceton ( see )


= Virtual Meetings =

Feb 6 World Retro Day on Slack at noon

May 10 Definition of Done Day - changed to be more than just a Slack Conversation at noon

North of the City = Tentative Meeting Locations =

PSU Abington - Looks Like it is going to happen - waiting to meet with the Dean there.

Reed Technologies


Downtown = Tentative =

Meeting Locations:

Center City venues. I added the ones you mentioned to that list:


 Hussian College

 Slalom Consulting


 Urban Outfitters ( near the Navy Yard )


 O3 World (Recent Contacts ? )

 CHOP (Wanamaker Building) (Recent Contacts ? )

 GlaxoSmithKline (Navy Yard) (Recent Contacts ? )

 Arcweb (Recent Contacts ? )

 Thomas Reuters (Recent Contacts ? )

 Philadelphia University (Recent Contacts ? )

Regular Meeting night ( was 4th Weds ) and is now ????

Topic List:


 At Hussian College, for their students in UX, UI and Full Stack Web Dev,

  Possible Topics for the Students are:

( 3 or 4 evening sessions in the spring for those students soon to graduate and who are thinking ahead & would find this interesting )


Probable topics for the Intro Sessions are:


  The FLOW of a SCRUM Sprint


   THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS we AGILISTS are concerned about. Like how to break things into smaller and smaller things.

  WHAT THE INDUSTRY IS TALKING ABOUT: and what you should be able to speak about during the Interview




Jersey / South Jersey

AgilePrinceton Meetup - usually meets the Last Weds of the Month

Coordinator Ken Roberts ( click here )


South Jersey = Tentative =

Regular Meeting night is ????

Topic List:




Other Ideas to Improve our Meetings =

like what we see at Agile New England

This is an couple of interesting facets of the AgileNewEngland User Group meetings

It looks to me like they have no annual dues. I believe AgileBoston has annual dues.

Their other offerings below – are things that we have talked or hinted at.

These Special Interest Groups meet from 5:45 to 6:45 in a corner of the main room,

followed by the main meeting.

They are something to consider as the next level that AgilePhilly might attempt.

I will be contacting the people who are running these SIGs to see if there is staying power.

( Often these endeavors fall apart from disinterest.)

At the December 6 Meeting of Agile New England

 Agile 101: TBD

Agile 101 classes start at 5:45 and last one hour. A sign-up sheet is posted at 5:30 near the check-in table. Capacity is limited to 10 people per class.

 Scrum Master/Agile Coach Lean Coffee Circle

The group will meet from 5:45 to 6:45 in the main room to exchange ideas and advice on any Agile related topics. Up to 15 people, first come first served. At the start, we will choose from topics proposed by those attending. Every attendee is invited to share his or her perspective. Questions? Email

 Agile Dojo

The Agile Dojo gives Agile practitioners an opportunity to improve Agile techniques. Participants practice an Agile Skill such as facilitation, requirements elicitation, or estimation, then receive feedback. The group meets from 6:00 to 6:50 and is facilitated by Richard Kasperowski, Bruce Conner, and Wendy Wong. For more information contact

 Main Presentation

December = Agile: Safety-Critical Too! = Agile adoption in a regulated environment

Presented by Brian Shoemaker

 January Meeting Topic = Advanced User Story Writing - With Games!

Presented by Damon Poole

 Agile New England's two annual conferences will be held at the Microsoft Technology Center in Burlington, MA.

Agile Games Conference: April 8-10, 2019: []

Mob Programming Conference: April 11-12, 2019: []




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