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Agile in Government and Large Organizations

Agile in Government and Large Organizations

and How They Are Adapting to their Built-In Constraints Against Agile

( This is a reference sparked from the meeting at DoD Contractor SABRE on

May 2 2018 with Brian Campo

And from our meetings the prior two months of Spring 2018, David Hughes on Accepted Value Costing ( which is an Aggregate Costing model) . . . developed after hearing Mike Harris of Premios in February speak on Fixed Price Agile Contracts - and from some prior thoughts he had going back to 2015.

Links about AVC and David Hughes:

March 2018 meeting with David Hughes:

Feb 2018 meeting with Mike Harris:

You Tube Video from A.G.L.

Related Industries with heavy usage of Requirements, Budget-Plans, Acquisition-Services or Documentation Needs are:

  • Government Agencies
  • Department of Defense
  • Big Pharma
  • Insurance, Banks, Financials
  • Service companies like Comcast

  • Online Groups

Agile Government

GoVloop Social Network for Fed & Local Govt


  • References

Paul Eisenberg recommends the following report issued by the Defense Technical Information Center in February of 2018.

The report specifically compared Agile and document-driven approaches in managing uncertainty in software development, finding companies that use Agile methods are more customer-centric and flexible than document-driven ones, and companies that use Agile methods seem to have a more satisfactory relationship with the customer.

Design and Acquisition of Software for Defense Systems - Feb 2018

Design and Acquisition of Software for Defense Systems

The Task Force has made seven recommendations on how to improve software acquisition in defense systems. A base recommendation underlying all others is to emphasize the importance of the software factory and to incorporate the software factory as a key evaluation criterion in the source selection process. Next, the Department of Defense (DoD) and its defense industrial base partners need to adopt continuous iterative development was mentioned by Marc Gravez as a good resource, and sure enough, Melinda Burgess has a post there.

Video from the UK

Financial Products of a Scaled Agile - Multi-Team process


  • NEWS

On CSPAN-3 Tuesday night, did you catch the House Committee on the GI Bill & payment delays were talking about SCRUM Teams.

Here is a brief part of the transcript.

Scrum Teams discussed at the House committee on the GI Bill


November 15, 2018





Veterans Affairs Under Secretary for Benefits Paul Lawrence and other VA officials testified on GI Bill payment delays and departmental informational technology issues.


Bill James , Phil Roe, Paul Lawrence, Mark Takano speaking . . .


Minute 1:28:58


>> The contract is to deliver software but strictly speaking it buys Scrum teams which are software developments sprints.

You have been adding Scrum teams throughout the year. How many teams are you up to now?

>> Congressman, I don't have the exact number. So let me take that for the record. I think it was -- we started with two and added two and added two more. But I need to get the exact number for you.

>> You can't tell us how many scrum teams?

>> I can't tell you how much are in action.

>> How many people would be necessary to get this done?

>> The development teams that are working in Charleston -- that's what you are referring to as the Scrum teams. That's the action of the folks at the Booze, Allen facility. What happens after that, software had - has to get tested. In terms of the Scrum teams, they are able to turn around the software as far as testing bugs and user scenarios. But that is just step one. You have to test that software. It happens until different processes and different locations with the engagement of the users. The fact is that our testing is the tail end of this process & can't keep up with the


Development processes, the scrum teams as you mentioned. That's part of the technical debt we are dealing with, that we have old testing processes that are catching the software code that is

being developed by BOOZE, ALLEN, HAMILTON.




Federal News Network: ‘Progress at the Speed of Failure’

Government can learn from the agile mentality "fail fast" to keep up with advancing social and technological change.


State IT leaders discuss how agile is helping government projects

Leaders from Colorado, Vermont, and North Carolina discuss how agile is helping deliver faster, more cost-effective digital services.


UK Government Digital Service shares secrets of transformation success

James Stewart, co-founder of the UK GDS, shares learnings from the agency's revolutionary transformation, including the importance of culture and process change.


Canadian Treasury launches agile procurement with info session

Industry vendors learn about opportunities to improve the Phoenix pay system with agile processes.


Agile principles help cities embrace ongoing transformation beyond IT

Applying agile principles to city planning and data-driven decisions will help make urban centers ready for rapid change.


Singapore’s GovTech uses agile and a common tech stack to improve public services

Shared tech infrastructure and agile methods help Singapore's agencies develop integrated digital services that are easier for citizens to access.


‘Remember the future’ when planning for IT acquisition

Agile acquisition calls for planning in reverse so that federal contracts consider the shifting needs of future users.


Government should make room for young tech talent

The growing interest in civic tech from young professionals could help government modernize its approach.


No more ‘IT zombie projects’: Canadian Treasury Board explores agile procurement

In seeking alternatives to its outdated pay system, the Treasury Board is starting the shift toward smaller contracts and innovative, user-tested solutions.


Harmony between DevOps and Security makes government IT better

New technologies can help government IT departments integrate security in a streamlined process to keep DevOps teams working efficiently.





AGL Live: How Local Governments Creatively Use Agile to Accomplish Big Missions

Online event from July 18


Local governments share how they make the most of limited resources to adopt their own scrappy versions of agile and transform agency missions.


AGL Podcast: User centered design in government with design director Jesse Taggert


Jesse Taggert explains the value of user centered design in government and shares her insights from applying the practice in a variety of public sector projects.


Agile Government Sacramento recap: Free and open source software in the public sector

Local software developers and executives recently met to discuss the use of free and open source software (FOSS) in government and new open source code policies in California.


Three Solutions for Creating Budget and Public-Friendly Government Services

CIOs are making government more citizen-centric and saving money by turning to cloud-based solutions, big data, and automation.


Nextgov: ‘3 Cultural Considerations in IT Modernization’

As government moves toward updating aging digital systems, agencies must focus on cultural transformation in addition to technology modernization.


Code for Australia Identifies ‘Eight Simple Rules for Making Stuff with Government’

The effort to solve complex problems for the Government of Victoria led agile teams to identify key success factors for government innovation.


How a UK local government embraced agile to deliver modern services

Essex County Council used existing systems to build a new blogging platform, wrote user stories to ensure they were meeting citizen needs, and worked in the open so they could benefit from similar work by other agencies.


What happened when DHS tried to take 5 legacy IT programs agile

The Department of Homeland Security created an Agile Acquisition Working Group to kickstart the agency's pilot attempt to move five existing programs into agile processes.


Legislative action to move federal government toward agile is working

Industry and agency leaders are pleased with recent efforts by federal agencies to move toward incremental and agile development in their software initiatives.






AGL seeks additional Board members for newly created nonprofit association

The AGL Association is recruiting new Board members to reflect the diversity of people, experiences, and levels of government represented in the public sector innovation community.  Learn more




USDS acquisition strategist explains the role of ‘bureaucracy hackers’ in government

In an interview with Government Matters, acquisition strategist Jonathan Mostowski discusses how he navigates the procurement process with an eye toward modernization in his work with the U.S. Digital Service.


USDS works with CMS to implement cloud, agile for modernization of medical services

The U.S. Digital Service is working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to update Medicare's payment program.


Ontario offers inclusive design toolkit for agencies to deliver better services

Ontario offers an "inclusive design toolkit" for the improvement of government services for people with disabilities, shared publicly on the province's website and in GitHub.


Former state comms director says California gov should ‘keep moving ahead’ with agile

Bill Maile, Director of Government Relations for AGL and former Communications Director for the California Child Welfare Digital Service Project, says the state shouldn't abandon agile methods despite challenges with the project.


California adds firms to Agile vendor pool

The State of California has added seven new tech firms to the pre-qualified vendor pool for agile, the Department of Technology announced.


USDS introduces ‘the newest breed of federal acquisition professional’

The new FAC-C-DS certification helps government move away from archaic acquisition practices by creating "technology acquisition mavericks."


Government Technology: ‘Massachusetts Comptroller Takes Agile Approach to Gov Tech’

The Massachusetts state comptroller turned to agile methods to improve his office and to help overcome government's risk-averse nature.


How San Francisco upended its affordable housing application with user centered design

San Francisco citizens were stunned by the ease of the city's new portal for applying for affordable housing.




ATARC Federal Data and Analytics Summit

October 23 Washington, D.C.


Agile Leadership 3401

Oct. 31 - Nov. 2 Online


Bust the Glut: Data Center Transformation

Nov. 7 Washington, D.C.


Wild Wild West: Managing Agile Contracts in Government

Nov. 8 Online


DevOps: Strategies for Mission-Driven Innovation

December 5 Washington, D.C.


Agile FMS Industry Acquisition Day

Dec. 12 Hanscom AFB, MA


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