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Agile in Government and Large Organizations

Agile in Government and Large Organizations

and How They Are Adapting to their Built-In Constraints Against Agile

( This is a reference sparked from the meeting at DoD Contractor SABRE on

May 2 2018 with Brian Campo

And from our meetings the prior two months of Spring 2018, David Hughes on Accepted Value Costing ( which is an Aggregate Costing model) . . . developed after hearing Mike Harris of Premios in February speak on Fixed Price Agile Contracts - and from some prior thoughts he had going back to 2015.

Links about AVC and David Hughes:

March 2018 meeting with David Hughes:

Feb 2018 meeting with Mike Harris:

Related Industries with heavy usage of Requirements, Budget-Plans, Acquisition-Services or Documentation Needs are:

  • Government Agencies
  • Department of Defense
  • Big Pharma
  • Insurance, Banks, Financials
  • Service companies like Comcast

  • Online Groups

Agile Government

  • References

Paul Eisenberg recommends the following report issued by the Defense Technical Information Center in February of 2018.

The report specifically compared Agile and document-driven approaches in managing uncertainty in software development, finding companies that use Agile methods are more customer-centric and flexible than document-driven ones, and companies that use Agile methods seem to have a more satisfactory relationship with the customer.

Design and Acquisition of Software for Defense Systems - Feb 2018

Design and Acquisition of Software for Defense Systems

The Task Force has made seven recommendations on how to improve software acquisition in defense systems. A base recommendation underlying all others is to emphasize the importance of the software factory and to incorporate the software factory as a key evaluation criterion in the source selection process. Next, the Department of Defense (DoD) and its defense industrial base partners need to adopt continuous iterative development was mentioned by Marc Gravez as a good resource, and sure enough, Melinda Burgess has a post there.

Video from the UK

  • Events

Educational event in May 2018 presented by the P.M.I. or

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