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Schedule for Natl Definition of Done Day

Schedule of National Definition of Done Day

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Schedule on Friday May 10

OnSite Start Time  12:00 to 4:30 

Virtual Start Time 12:30 to 4:30 with sufficient breaks to manage work demands

Speaker Notes:

Onsite Parking and Directions

Our physical address is 1500 Spring Garden St but that doesn’t get you to our most convenient entrance. Use “487 N 16th Street, Philadelphia PA 19130” and that will bring you to our entrance off 16th street. We are just a few feet past the CBS3/CW entrance on the right.


For parking there are a few options along with street parking on 16th street if you can find it. The closest lots are listed below:

Parkway Lot at Broad & Spring Garden

Park America Garage at N 15th and Callowhill

CCP Garage at N 17th and Callowhill ($10 CASH ONLY)

One Franklintown Garage N 17th and Callowhill 


Setup and welcome Onsite attendees                            12 to 12:30


Official Start of Definition of Done Day                        Start  at  12:30


Task                                        Speaker                        TimeFrame ( minutes )

-====-                                 -=======-                    -========--


Intro to Agile and Kanban     John Voris                    10

Defn of Done          Helen Mussaf  of Deloitte             15

Helen.Wassef Intro to DefinitionOfDone.pptx

Defn of Done          John Voris of AgilePhilly              15

 JV Strategies.For.3.Categories.of.Done.pptx

Break from      1:55 to 2:03                                                8 minutes = DVD segment from PBS is shown


Defn of Ready    Bob English & Bill Roberts    45   

Definition of Ready Slides

  and more is at


Break                2:47 to 3:07

to watch the

reenactment of the driving of the Final Golden Spike      20 minutes  ( at 2:47 Eastern Time )


 Andre Dhondt, of R.E.V.      

speaking on BDD Gerkin Style of GivWenZen Tests         40 minutes

 Slides are at


Break                                                                           5 minutes


David Bulkin of Grow-Lean,

speaking on Going from on BDD  to Hypotheisis Driven Design  40


Break                                                                           5 minutes

 The Final Break.pptx

Howie Ross of Linode 

speaking on   Innovation, where OpsDev becomes *.Dev ( Star-Dev)    40 minutes


THE TARGET is to be DONE at 4:30 pm

The total of above is 248 minutes = 4 hrs 8 minutes

so all of us have to be – as Lincoln said “Short, Short, Short”


** During Breaks, ads will mention Grow-Lean, Linode, Chariot Solutions, Vanguard, Cerner, TD Bank, Deloitte, as well as, Strasburg Railroad, Steam Into History, Steamtown, Phila Flyers, & AgilePhilly

We also want to have an honorable mentions for Keith Ramirez of HarrisburgU

and Seth McNaughton of Chatham Financials for their assistance

Who did I forget?



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