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One Free Ticket to Philly ETE Conference

Chariot Solutions instead of just giving us pizza, they instead are providing AgilePhilly with one free ticket to Philly ETE.

To win this - it is open to more than just Agile Philly members, since we know there will be more interest in a free ticket in the Development community and the Downtown Community than just our guys in the Western Suburbs.

You don't have to presently be a member of AgilePhilly to win.

( And being a member just means you are on our email list.)

We decided a Slogan Writing Contest is better than

 - having a free raffle ( No. The ticket might not get used if it is entirely free.)

 - charging $10 for a Raffle Ticket to win a $500 ticket to Philly ETE. ( The ticket still might not get used.)

 - Essay ( nah too much work)

- So we decided, just write us a Slogan . . .

Write a Slogan for AgilePhilly ( I like this. Minimal effort.)

You can enter as many slogans as you want. 

They should promote

They have to fit on a 1.5 inch sticker.

They have to fit 20 char x 3 lines  

Contest is Open to Coordinators , Members of AgilePhilly, and Members of the public ( including students here in Philadelphia ), and Aspiring young developers in town ( the real target audience we want to hit )

The contest will close on FEB 1st,  2017

That way , you can still buy an Early Bird Ticket to Philly ETE. 

Early bird pricing or Philly ETE closes on Feb 6th.

Selection Judges are Coordinators at

Why Stickers ? 

Well, I have wanted to buy coffee mugs with our logo, but 144 for $300 = they are way more than our budget allows.

But little 1.5 inch stickers ( 2000 for $300 ) for a slogan is reasonable.

And we will hopefully get a new slogan out of this ( although I still like the “ Promoting Agile Ideas since 1776 “ )

Restrictions are:

It must fit on a 1.5 inch sticker.

That means 20 chars x 3 rows

and it must promote

Comments ? Questions ?

- - John Voris, Lead Coordinator, AgilePhilly

Do you have a Slogan ?

Well, click the link below to submit it.

And if you are not reading the AgilePhilly channel where we first announced this, let us know

Previous Press Release - Announcement as of Dec 1st

AgilePhilly will be GIVING AWAY a FREE TICKET to Philly ETE conference.


We have a Sticker Slogan Contest open to ANYONE IN PHILADELPHIA ( or beyond )

It is a $485 value


It was announced when Philly ETE Early Bird Tickets were announced.


( Transportation and Lodging is the responsibility of the winner.)  Promoting Agile Ideas since 1776

From: Jennifer Rappaport
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 11:09 PM

I got a green light on getting a ticket for Philly ETE in lieu of sponsorship $ from the last meet up! Feel free to do what you wish with it and let me know once you have a registrant. I'll need the person's email address to send them the link to register for free. Our ETE site should be up and running around December 7th. We should have between 10 and 20 event speakers booked by then. January is when it should really start popping up more info.

Chariot Solutions
Ranked #1 Top Small Workplace
by the Philadelphia Inquirer


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