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I ran into a new presentation format that I did not know about: Pecha Kucha. In a nutshell, the presenter shows 20 images for 20 seconds apiece, for a total time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

I personally like formats where presentations are short and I get to see more people speaking. Guaranteed that the message is clearer and the audience attention is higher. And it's way more fun! In the past, I attended and participated in lightning talks and speed geeking events. And went to see a couple of Ignite Philly.

I wonder if we could try one of these format in one of our future meetings. The reason why I am posting this in the forum is that it requires participation from the audience. It's a little more effort from this community than having a single speaker. But it will be more rewarding since we get to see members of Agile Philly sharing with their own community.

For new speakers, it's the perfect occasion to get your feet wet and tell us what cool thing/process/XP trick you have to share with the world! For more experience speakers, it's a challenge to compress your message under a fixed time.

So, would you like to give this a try?

Links to the formats:
Pecha Kucha:
Ligtning Talks:
Speed geeking:

Ignite Philly:

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I like this format a lot. Maybe we give this a shot for Jan meeting. What do other's think?

Cool! The lightning talk format might be the easiest to start with. I can't wait to see what people have to share.
I like the idea as well... with about 7 minutes per item, I think we need 6 volunteers... any takers?
I can do a lightning talk about pair programming
The same one we did for BarCamp Philly? :)
Of course not! I could never do it alone and in under 10 mins...

But we should our consider replaying our barcamp session in a full session at some other meeting next year



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