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World Retrospective Day in February

Join us on WEDS Feb 27 2019 from Noon to 1 pm Eastern

for our Virtual Meeting talking about Retrospectives &

where we think about what makes a good Retrospective.


For the announcement of World Retrospective Day on Tuesday Feb 27th 2019

( and while you are at it, bookmark FRIDAY May 10 2019

for National Definition of Done Day

where we think about how a good Definition of Done prevents Scope Creep and lets developers know they are done.)

Notes from the Virtual Meeting in 2018 ( Feb 6 2018 )


Seeing "Risk" or "Trouble" during a retrospective can be very subjective.

Stock Phrase: Assuming we did all that, what do you expect to be different? What gets unblocked? How does your day change?

Engage, Listen, Confront = Clarity

Teams sometimes have Trouble getting to Specifics.

Other questions raised

Size of team during the retrospective

Good sound headsets for remote teams = more important than video

IceBreakers to start, like Pictionary of your Superpower

Agenda for a Retrospective is a Five Part Play . . .

Set the Stage.

Gather data.

Generate insights

Decide what to do


Tools Weave ( formerly Innovation Games Online ) an article on how facilitating is Responsibility, which can be a little frightening.

Those who Participated in 2018 ( in no particular order )

Bonnie Aumann

John Voris

Louis Rubinfeld

Brad Beebe

Lilia Weber

Tony Piazza

David Hughes

Randy Angiel


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