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World Retrospective Day in February

Join us on WEDS Feb 27 2019 from Noon to 1 pm Eastern

for our Virtual Meeting talking about Retrospectives &

where we think about what makes a good Retrospective.


For the announcement of World Retrospective Day on Tuesday Feb 27th 2019

( and while you are at it, bookmark FRIDAY May 10 2019

for National Definition of Done Day

where we think about how a good Definition of Done prevents Scope Creep and lets developers know they are done.)

Notes from the Virtual Meeting in 2019 ( Feb 27 2019 )

Wide Ranging Topics

Generally One Hour limit for Retrospectives.  And noone wants their Retros to descend into B*tch Sessions , but so often it is hard for the team to "Engage" ( They are in a Rut )

So Everyone is trying different styles/formats of Retros.

But deciding on "One Action Item" to work seems to help - and put it on the BIG BOARD or BACKLOG to remind the team of it.

Do we want to mix our Team Action-Improvement into the User-Stories/ User-Impact? Generally Yes !

And then there is positioning it / talking about a "Flowtrospective" !

And there is the challenge of Distributed Teams - even using Video Games to build trust and rapport with remote team members. 

Some use Tools like Quiplash, Scatterspoke - - but get a tool that every team member can add to

Those who Participated in 2019 ( in no particular order )

Jodie Kane

Lilia Weber

Gerald Thomas

Greg Mester

Howard Meyers

Joel Chew

John Voris

Sheena Gladden

Barbara Kratzer

Matt Edwards

Amy Neil

Chris Wistrom


Notes from the Virtual Meeting in 2018 ( Feb 6 2018 )


Seeing "Risk" or "Trouble" during a retrospective can be very subjective.

Stock Phrase: Assuming we did all that, what do you expect to be different? What gets unblocked? How does your day change?

Engage, Listen, Confront = Clarity

Teams sometimes have Trouble getting to Specifics.

Other questions raised

Size of team during the retrospective

Good sound headsets for remote teams = more important than video

IceBreakers to start, like Pictionary of your Superpower

Agenda for a Retrospective is a Five Part Play . . .

Set the Stage.

Gather data.

Generate insights

Decide what to do


Tools Weave ( formerly Innovation Games Online ) an article on how facilitating is Responsibility, which can be a little frightening.

Those who Participated in 2018 ( in no particular order )

Bonnie Aumann

John Voris

Louis Rubinfeld

Brad Beebe

Lilia Weber

Tony Piazza

David Hughes

Randy Angiel


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