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Presentations from the Agile Philly Oct 5th Half Day Conference


Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual AgileTour on Oct 5th.

For several years, the AgileTour has been a way for enthusiasts of Agile to spread the word about Agile practices and to share their experiences, both good and bad, within their local community

These non-profit events occur every year in October and November in several cities across the world.

We look forward to you standing up and telling us your story of how Agile Transformation has been at your company at next year's Agile Tour on OCTOBER 10th, 2016.




Track on Classical Agile in room called HALL OF JUSTICE

. David Bulkin, Authentic Agile Adoption

. Tom Cagley, Assigning Risk


Track on Kanban ( You must attend both parts) in room SPECTRUM

. KANBAN Simulation PART 1

. KANBAN Simulation PART 2


Track on Making Agile Mesh in room called BATCAVE

. Lightning Talks

. The Myth of Fixed Scope, Why Goals Matter, by Matthieu Cornillon, national consultant


Track on Implementing Agile in room called COLISEUM

. Implementing Agile in a Small Public Company -=or=- Zero to Agile in 6 mths, by Jet Payroll

. Navigating the People Side of Change on an Agile Project by Tina Saunders, CapTech Consulting



. . . Slide Decks hosted elsewhere . . .


Grow Lean with David Bulkin


Tom Cagley, David Consulting Group  


or shared pages with the presentation download (and other materials)  


and Tom Cagley's own webcasts


Added Bonus: Agile Philly September talk from Mike Harris of David Consulting Group


and maybe next year we can hear Tom Cagley's talk entitled . . .

"Agile is from Venus and PMOs from Mars"


. . . Slide Decks hosted here . . .


The power of Yes (Pecha Kucha Lightning Talk), Tiffany Lentz


From Zero to Agile, Anna Bateman, JetPay Payroll


People Side of Change, Tina Saunders, Captech



. . . Slide Decks Not Applicable or I.P. Rights Reserved . . .


CHOP Animated Time-Lapse Card Wall / John Voris, Keith Kendall

KANBAN Simulation , Dan Vacanti

The Myth of Fixed Scope & Why Goals Matter, Matthieu Cornillon



 . . . The Lightning Talks were . . .


> John Voris,    Intro to Lightning Talks . . . And Visualizing Flow – 

The Card Wall at Childrens Hospital - through Time-Lapse Photos

 ( to be shown while people take their seats - showing a full year of progress in only  4 minutes )



> Tiffany Lentz, ThoughtWorks    Getting out of your Comfort Zone         

The Pecha Kucha Challenge - done in 6 minutes 



> Kristina M. Victoreen <>     Agile 2.0 = Is it Scrum . . .  But . . 

( A commercial to see if there is interest in a full evening meeting on the topic)



> Arvind Mundra


Pepsi or Coke?

Red or Blue? 

Windows or Mac?

iOS or  Android?

 “Let us face the dilemma... Scrum or KANBAN?"          



> Julia Ivashina    and Richard _____ 

How to Make Teams Good   (  11 recipes for Great Teams   )



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