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Notes on maintaining your Personal Page and other webpages

  • My Profile Personal Page

Click on My Profile on the upper left of the page.

Please put your photo onto your personal page.  That way, we can all recognize you at the next meeting.

To put up a picture, go to My Profile

On the RIGHT SIDE, there is a Settings Gear icon under Alerts and Friends

On the Settings panel, you can attach a picture to your Profile and make name changes. 

Directions to upload other pics :

 . The photo should reside in the home page of the Agilephilly member.

 . As Moderator, I Auto-Approve all pictures intended FOR THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP. 

 . Your own Profile Pic does not need to be approved.

 . This way, the Moderator or a Member can drill down into your picture for more info or to email you.

Who can view this photo?  Your choice:

  • Anyone

  • Just My Friends

  • Just Me   

  • Other Photos:

. Have some Pictures of your own Card Wall.  Show it to us !

. Click on +Add Photos in the My Photos section of the page

 . use the Photo Uploader 

 . For the pics for the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP that appear on the main homepage, a Moderator will Approve or Delete or Apply to all Photos added by you

. Descriptions on Photos uploaded for the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP should have a description


  • Quick Posts

Got an idea or something to announce ?

Put it into a post ( like a Blog Post).  These show up on the front page of

  • Forum

We don't use the website forum on the website much these days.  Instead we use our Channel. 

You should have gotten access to when we enrolled you at the website  If we missed you, just tell us Coordinators


  • Blogs on your personal website

You are encouraged to tell us about your own personal Blog ( under the tab Forum and More, we list our Member's Blogs )

As stated above, we do not use the Forum section on the website much anymore, preferring instead to use 

If you don't have a blog yet, blog on our website.  Or volunteer to write a blog post for someone else's blog.  People are always appreciative to have content flowing in their websites.  Even if it is contrary views.

  • Group Pages ( Flat HTML Pages )

If you are authorized to manage the website = to create a new flat page with room for lots of details of our conferences and member programs, you can create a Flat HTML page.  These are separate from the Event Webpages with dates and times like our meetings.

To create a Flat Webpage, go to the Jobs Listing ( a flat page ) and the Add button to create Flat Pages is available.  ( It is not in the Tabs section of Manage Website )

There is a limit for the total size of the website, but I don't think we are close yet.

  • WIKI Event Pages

Our meetings are special webpages in the Wiki.  We encourage our members to enter events they find applicable to our members.  These events require Dates and Times, and as their maintenance is shared with our coordinators, they should include enough information ( but not too much), and as they should be searchable. The limit for the Wiki pages is 2500 chars which include the HTML formatting and anchors for graphics.  You may find the Chrome browser best for maintaining these events ( to show the button for Browse for Image Files.) 

  • Broadcast Announcement Emails

Our Announcement emails to the general membership are in Membership > Manage area.

On individual event webpages, there is also short messages that can go to YES, MAYBE, NOT COMING RSVP's on the event webpage.  This is how last minute changes due to inclement weather are communicated.


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