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ITAG reimbursement $ for Agile Training by June 30, 2017

ITAG has Training Grants from the State of Pennsylvania that are going begging.

This money can be applied to training that includes Agile Development.  It is significant and can be up to 50% of the cost of a course.  Like most programs, there are requirements that have to be met.


I have links to documents that will help with this.  These docs came from the coordinator of the ITAG program, Marianne Stack

One Page Intro

Company Form, one per Company

Grant Application for a company ( one per company)

A short walkthrough of the Application Process is at

And to stay on top of other news from ITAG





As coordinator of this program, Marianne Stack is available to help answer your specific questions.  Contact Info

F.A.Q. Questions and Answers . . .

Below are the answers I got from questions for myself and for a friend. - John Voris

And a big thank you to Rick Wargo for pointing out this state program to AgilePhilly

  • Does the employee have to be a resident of Chester County ? = The employee must be a PA resident
  • Does the employer have to have a location in Chester County? = The employer does not have to be located in Chester County
  • Would a self-employed person / employee of an S-Corp be able to take advantage of this offer ? The trained individual must be a full time employee and cannot be a 1099 contractor.
  • Do online Training Sessions qualify. . . as long as it is TOWARD a Certificate or must it be FOR a Certificate ?  Yes, this can qualify.
  • Is it just for IT training ?  For example, I know a 20 something going for his CPA at St Joes Univ.  Would this grant money be applicable? Answer is, this is for I.T. technical training only – See the one pager with our training priority topics
  • For similar people taking university courses for an I.T. career instead of an accounting career, would graduate-level courses be applicable ? No, this would not qualify.


I can see why there is urgency, for the June 30 deadline is fast approaching –

  • If the training is started by the deadline, but not completed, is that sufficient ? No, all training must be completed and application and supporting documents must be submitted by June 30, 2017.
  • If the training is a multiweek course, such as those offered at Penn State Great Valley, do they qualify ? Yes, a multiweek course can qualify.

And where does the money come from ?

The ITAG Industry Partnership can help your organization maintain a competitive workforce with grant funds to offset partial costs of tech-related training. Funding is provided by the PA Department of Labor & Industry & the Chester County Workforce Development Board.

Easy and simple eligibility: trainees must be employed residents of Pennsylvania and training must occur between January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017. Several courses have already been approved:

  • SQL,
  • Technical Project Management,
  • .NET (dot Net ) ,
  • Business System Analysis,
  • Agile Development,
  • Java (Certified Sun Java Associate)
  • Network Administration and Security (CISCO), (CCNA), (MCSA),
  • Business System Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

If you or your employees have taken any of the classes listed above please contact us. If you have a tech industry-related class in which you are interested in taking, or have already taken, during this time frame and it is not on the list, please contact us; we may be able to revise the list.

For more information contact Marianne Stack, ITAG Project Manager, or 610-321-8222.


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