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AgileTour 2016 Details

Here is how the AgileTour Half Day Conference on OCTOBER 10th, 2016 is shaping up. (The event page does not have enough room to tell you about all that we will have going on. )

Our Slogan for the Day,

October 10th is Get 20/20   VISION   on 10/10

Location is FrontLine Education ( previously Frontline Technologies)

List of slides available from Speakers:

Charlie Villare from the September Evening Meeting
WIP and FLOW  Agile_Philly_9-20-16_WIP-n-Flow.pptx

Siva Sundararaman of Gallup Solutions
- Be Cost Effective with Agile Development,
Migrating to Selenium


Robert Shaw of Frontline Education
SAFe Demystified at the Enterprise Level


Lightning Talks
Deb Kandebo  - Facilitating is The Role of the Agile Manager


John Voris - Agile Haikus & Doing a Pecha Kucha

Intro to StoryTelling


A Pecha Kucha of Agile Haikus


. . . The DAY . . . October 10th . . .

A new experiment: Have 3 optional Lean Coffees in the Delaware Valley ON THE MORNING OF the Half Day Conference, and then afterwards, people can carpool together to the HalfDay Conference.

( If you have never been to a Lean Coffee, perhaps this is the day to try one. )

Locations for Lean Coffee on Oct 10 morning: 30th Street Station ( for downtowners ) , K of Prussia RestStop on the PA Turnpike, 3rd Location in Delaware County to be determined, like Rte 322 or Johns’ Hotdogs in Dilworthtown, Delaware County on Rte 202, and lastly, a Fallback of a 4th Locn being FrontLine Education.


Lastly, Encourage others to come out.  Your boss, your CIO, Product Owners and all the unitiated to come out for half a day and see that Agile and Scrum are mainstream and is an accepted discipline for over ten years now.


 . . . COST . . .

We will gain be using the catering at our host Frontline Education

and will once again we will be collecting $20 for lunch from attendees using

Tickets are available at

For Sponsors, we ask a flat $100.  This is to pay for our webpage and the occasional pizza for when we did not get a local company to step up and sponsor the pizza for our monthly evening meeting.

Sponsors are also encouraged to bring some swag or a gift card to make the raffle interesting.

 . . . TOPICS . . . ( We will start an hour earlier at 11:00 AM  so there are many slots to fill )

We are done recruiting for Lightning Talks to fill the conference rooms in the first hour.

Tracks that we will have =

    An emphasis on UX and Design

    and Team Building and the importance of Teamwork

   and Splitting User Stories Effectively ( everyone has an opinion or horror story)

   and as always, we are looking for Intro topics - and assistance with members to do Lightning Talks.


Future Lightning Talks will be presented throughout the year. Critiques of articles and presentations of things people have read for " I agree / I disagree / How I did it / How I did it poorly / How I did it better "

Each talk is 5 to 15 minutes of either . . .

 an article you have read, that you agree with or disagree with, and why

 an Intro topic for the newbies

 an experience story, good or bad


. . . CLOSED . . . Submitting proposals for a Talk . . .

We keep it loose.

Leave something at

Or email us your idea for a talk at

- An abstract or a catchy title , or even just an idea for a talk get started.

- Include your name and your email contact

- Is it an hour talk or a Lightning Talk ?  If Lightning, how long do you think it will take ?

- If a workshop, will it be two parts ?

- We will get back to you to flesh out the talk and schedule it in the day.

- Identify your audience: Novice or  Intermediate



We will finish the day earlier than other years, ending at 4:30 instead of 4:45 pm.

8:30-10:00 Optional Lean Coffee = 3 or 4 different Philly locations

10:00-11:00 Drive Time, some members participating in a Optional Lean Coffee Caravan

11:00-12:00 Morning Session, Lots of Lightning Talks, the sparks will fly

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:00 First Afternoon Session

2:15-3:15 Second Session is Panel of Experts and Raffle

3:30-4:30 Third Session

. . . SPEAKERS . . .

check out 


During the Raffle and Panel of Experts, some other things you will hear about which AgilePhilly has been doing

   - Our Mentorship program run by Andre and Doug.

   - Lean Coffees and feedback about them

   - Surveys of members done by Coordinators.

** And who are the Coordinators ?

“Coordinators”, like our "Members", are loosely defined. 

We have over 1,500 members. Since we do not charge dues or fees, if we have your email address and you get our announcement email, you are a member.

AgilePhilly does not have a Board of Directors and officers like President and VP.  Our “Coordinators” do what a board of directors would do – review stuff.  NEW IDEAS and FEEDBACK are the delivables they bring.  It is all done virtually by floating some ideas in our listserv for the coordinators.

We believe if someone can do something good for AgilePhilly – like Greg Robinson running downtown meetings or Tiffany Powley running Lean Coffees – we encourage it. We try not hold people to anything too firm, but will let you experiment and change-up events to see what works - - - And if all of a sudden, you get busy, we have someone else here who can step in and help out.

 But at over 1,500 “members” - - we may have to put more formal organization together. And may have to charge dues or fees.  So we “Coordinators” think about that a lot.  But we like it how it is. It's fun and it is really not a lot of work for us who love what we do, making better software and the process of its construction even better.

As far as all the other things required to run a meeting . . . the website handles much of the plumbing of our organization, so we don’t really need officers.  Since so many of our dedicated Coordinators ( active organizers and helpers of AgilePhilly ) are consultants, and since it is hard for anyone nowadays to commit to a “full year term” or other stint, we have kept commitments of the Coordinators quite loose. "Many hands make Light Work"

And the sponsorships of our Half Day Conference pays for the website.

And the occasional pizza.

We love pizza.

. . . AgilePhilly has three core beliefs that come from the Agile Manifesto and Scrum doctrine.

These are supported by the website   We emphasis

 - a personal welcome when you join ( people over process )

 - religiously schedule meetings every month ( have a cadence )

 - announce the meetings beforehand in emails ( expectations and commitments are honored )

and while we are at it, we will crosspost on the website other local events our members find interesting, since we want everyone to grow and find what works for them, works for their teams, and works for their software projects.

- The Coordinators


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