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We are a few months into a full company agile adoption. 

Pilot teams are now in their 5th sprints.  Remaining teams are all now running scrum. 

We are starting to reach the point where the "New and Shiny" aspects of agile are wearing off and we are settling in for the long haul of continous improvement as a company. 

What are some things that you have done to keep concepts learned in agile training fresh?

To keep the spirit of always improving and learning as part of the culture and prevent backsliding into old ways. 

We are planning on monthly team based agile games.

While I have found a few good ones, many of them seem based on mature agile teams and might be to "heavy" for our new teams. 

Looking for games that keep it fun and not too deep to start!

But what other things have worked for you in your organization that are not game based?

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One of the games that truly brings home: cross functional teams and collaboration is an exercise that Andre and I have used in our presentations. The objective is to make snowflakes with limited resources and time constraints. I can details more if you would like.

Although I would caution against relying on games. They can be a simplification of things. To some extent a little loss of a beginners mind is bound to happen. The trick is to understand the fundamental shift in the organization. The organization has to become a learning organization, where you truly learn from your failures. If this happens, you would be fine. Most organizations have a hard time doing this kind of transition. If you do not make this transition to a learning organization, when you fail, which you will [all agile methods are fail fast methods, some faster than others], things will start going down a spiral, which may or may not lead to finger pointing etc etc. 



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