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SPaMCAST 630 – It’s All About the People, A Panel Discussion with Laberge, Parente, Voris, Sweeney, and Cagley

SPaMCAST 630 – It’s All About the People, A Panel Discussion with Laberge, Parente, Voris, Sweeney, and Tom Cagley

In March 2020, as our world was shrinking and words like ‘lockdown’ and ‘zoom-bombing’ were becoming a reality, we recorded and aired in    SPaMCAST 597 

Paul Laberge, Susan Parente, Jo Ann Sweeney, John Voris, and Tom Cagley returned to talk about how we could create or…


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SPaMCAST 597 – Intentional Serendipity, A Panel Discussion

SPaMCAST 597 – Intentional Serendipity, A Panel Discussion

with Laberge, Parente, Voris, Sweeney, and Cagley

URL :…


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The Neglected Product Owner Role

While working with Agile transformations, I’ve been noticing as I’m sure most of you have as well, the focus on development teams shifting to some form of Agile delivery, in most cases Scrum. And with this focus, the Scrum Master typically is part of this early shift, however, the Product Owner role seems to be an afterthought, as is the Business in whole.

Why do organizations start from the delivery side, and try to bring the business along at a later time? Is it because it…


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What ever happened to Shu?

I find it curious when organizations that want to take on significant change with an Agile Transformation, immediately start to look at what they can change about the chosen framework before the ink is dry on the decision to change.

The conversation typically follows a similar path each time, “I’ve heard Agile can make us (better/faster/insert improvement here), so we want to learn how to do it, but…here’s how we want to do it here because (insert any ‘we are different’…


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Response to article "Applying Agile in a Mixed Feature Development and SLA-Bound Bug-Fixing Team"

What is your experience dealing with product maintenance while managing development in a Sprint? This article was posted on the Scrum Alliance website.…


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One Free ticket to Philly ETE Conference

We need a Slogan for our Stickers.

Enter the contest, and

Win a ticket to Philly ETE Conference.


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We are working on an SDT Conference coming in June

There is suddenly talk of a SD&T conference in Philly or Washington area.  Narish Jain (one of the founders of AgilePhilly) started these in the Philly area 5 to 7 years ago, and runs them in India where he now permanently lives.

( SD&T    is Simple Design and Test Conference.  Done in a true Open Space Conference style, it usually went both Saturday and Sunday. 

If I remember right, at one of the conferences, one thing that made it different = The price of…


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Selling Agile Contracts Slides from Agile Philly 1/2 Day Event 10/6/2014

Hi All.

Noticed that the Dropbox link to my preso in the mail John circulated was broken so...

I renamed the preso to remove spaces, posted the thing on slide share, and create a tiny URL so you can get to it easy!


I really enjoyed sharing this with the group. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or just want to discuss. I am definitely…


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Dan Mezick's slides from Nov 20th 2013 ( 35 Meg download as PDF )

We finally have the slides from AgilePhilly's November 20th 2013 meeting.

Dan Mezick's slides -

Topic was Open Agile Adoption

Format is in PDF format



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Pics from the AgileTour 2013 (October 7th 2013)

I know I put the link up for the AgileTour 2013 pictures, but heck if I can find it.

So I thought I would shove the Dropbox link up here on the Blog Post pages.

If we have any other materials ( like the BIG files that don't fit anywhere) - - Dropbox appears to be the way to go.

(Yes we have still have the  website that can handle photos and more, but for the big files…


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Some Free and Cheap eBooks on Behavior Driven Development


A free eBook in pre-release on Acceptance Testing, and comments are being collected.  You can use the voucher code    91YmqbaAzuEu   all of this month to download a free copy.

Go to the book’s blog page at for more info or use the voucher directly on the Leanpub book page to download …


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CULTUREcon Recap

Have you blogged about #CULTUREcon?  Reply in the comments with a link!  More chronicles at André's blog and at FreeStandingAgility .

Thanks to …


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Nominations for Philly ETE's Project of the Year

Chariot Solutions and Technically Philly are sponsoring the first annual Philly ETE Project of the Year Award.
We want to spotlight great software made in the Philadelphia region! We're looking for the coolest, most innovative software developed in 2011 in the Philadelphia region. We want to celebrate the art of software development and how it makes a difference in how organizations can thrive and grow.
The award will be given out in the afternoon of the first day on…

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Agile Teams - Chili Cook Off Contest

It's winter here in PA and nothing goes better with lousy weather than a bowl of chili. 

We have a very competitive group and we do not need much motivation to turn anything into a compitition. 

One week prior to cooking day we gathered all the teams and unveiled the event and rules. The feedback from teams and tasters was that it was a rousing team building success..

One team took it as far as to execute a prototype and feedback session every morning to dial in…


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Microsoft Code Camp in Philly is now a truly Agile Conference


The Microsoft Code Camp on Oct 15th will be having an Open Spaces Track.  In my mind, that brings a lot of new people around to the idea of Open Spaces during conferences.


Open Spaces - Jess Chadwick - Room 105

An open discussion forum lasting the entire day. The format is deliberately fluid, with the general flow consisting of: participants shout out topics to discuss, vote on a topic, discuss it for 10 minutes (or more... or less), and then…


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Agile Coding - a truism about good coding

Naresh Jain, one of our original founders, has a great quote via a Corey Hains Code Retreat.  It is a truism about agile coding:


"write thrice, erase twice, release once, work small."

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Free talks by our previous speakers

Free Talks by Mary Poppendieck &  Gojko Adzic among others

are listed in the lower right hand corner of 

These were listed in the newsletter of Skills Matters.  Times are London times.

======= Upcoming talks =======================-

Near as I can tell, their podcasts of recent talks listed in their newsletter is not condensed well on any page of their site.  These…


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Building Trust

Building Trust as you work with a new team is crucial. To achieve a collaborative work environment, trust has to be built between all the involved parties be it team members or outside stakeholders. Trust helps teams function in a manner…


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Product Sashimi is delicious!

On October 2nd I participated in a Product Sashimi workshop with J. B. Rainsberger and Bonnie Aumann.

This workshop was all about learning how to "slice a product thinly" so that you can actually ship something of value quickly. We also spent a lot of time working on how to help turn a fuzzy customer product idea into something concrete that you can start to work on. I summarized it to my team like this: You customer comes in and they are… Continue

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At AgilePhilly, we have been Promoting Agile Ideas since 1776

AgilePhilly is a not-for-profit user group of volunteers in the Philadelphia area dedicated to better software development practices.


Meetings are monthly. Get meeting reminders by joining here.  

  • Our events are Free but you must RSVP.  We have Evening Meetings in the Western Suburbs, usually on the Third Tuesday.  They usually begin at 6:30 pm.  A sample agenda would be:
    • 6:30-7:00 pm: Eat & Greet & Network
    • 7:00-8:20 Main Topic/Speaker
    • 8:20-8:30 Q & A , Pack-Up, More Networking

  • Our Sponsors cover the cost of pizza / sandwiches for an evening.

Our attempt with the group is to provide an environment where you can exchange ideas and meet with individuals involved in agile community.

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