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Agile in the Family

Views of how to approach and integrate Agile ideas to your Family Unit - and to start a Kanban / Scrum Card Wall for the Family

Agile For Kids is a book on treating your family members like members on a Dev Team.

Emphasize "creating fun" not as a project, but as a continuous involvement of your team of valued members.

Respect for others and respect for the tasks of everyday life are learned.

This was driven home at our February 2020 meeting

Note that the Daily Gathering is a core value.

"The manager needs to think as a parent" and also "The parent needs to think as a manager."

- Shirly Ronen-Harel


A quick article from the wife of Jeff Sutherland

* Agile Kids is not to be confused with Learning Through Movement.

** Likewise, is for Rugby enthusiasts, not us.

Links of Resources

A list of resources that shows the impact that a family Task Board can have.

Agile in the Family
by Shirly Ronen-Harel

$7 eBook


John Yorke, who talks about the failure of a reward system as viewed by young minds



Scrum For Kids

Joe Meade, Fort Myers, FL

- Peter Stevens


Mike Cohn with some good advice on facilitating any team  

Contacts for future additions
Admin @ lean


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